Web developer. Writer. Sub par dancer.

Joshua Smith skipping a rock with coffee in hand

Player: Joshua Smith

Level: 30

Health: video game heart video game heart video game heart video game heart with piece missing

Player Summary:

Currently employed at Bank of America as the Front End Standards and Architecture team lead. I sling a lot of JavaScript and advocate for user-centric design. I try to apply concepts of Industrial Design into that, but the main goal is always to provide value to whoever the heck is going to use my applications.

I have a Bachelors in Creative Writing, and a crippling reliance on spellcheck (Grammarly is my bff). I'm currently in the process of getting my Masters in Computer Science from Northeastern University. My area of focus is currently AI, but I'm at the very beginning of that journey.

I love working in JS, but I'm enjoying the contrast with the more traditional stuff. I'm getting my Masters mainly to get a more fundamental understanding of the technology I rely on. I'd like to get to the point where if I get transported back in time 50 years I can still explain to people what it is that I do.

My main area of experience is UI/UX Engineering. I'd rather call it UI/UX design, but visual design is not the intended connotation. More specifically, the buzzwords that get thrown around about what I do are Usability Expert, Accessibility Specialist, JavaScript Engineer, and Front End Architect. I agree with the use of those terms to varying degrees. Human/Computer Interface design is a big area of interest, as is Brutalist Architecture, making and taking coffee, SNES games, Speculative fiction, and eating mostly carbs.


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